A Hoodie-Free Zone: Australian Police Place Window Decals on Storefronts


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A Hoodie-Free Zone: Australian Police Place Window Decals on Storefronts

Retailers Hope Window Decals Will Reduce Violence 

Southwest Australian merchants have employed window decals on their storefronts to try decreasing the number of robberies in the area. According to Australian news source The Satellite, police announced parts of the country as hood-free areas and have launched a window sticker campaign to help retailers ask customers to drop their sweatshirt hoods.

The anti-hood initiative resulted from merchants seeing thieves enter the building using their sweatshirt hoods to conceal their identities. The Australian reported hoodie bans have already decreased the number of armed robberies in the area of Wynnum, which saw a 30 percent drop in burglaries among participating retailers. 

Police Expand Hood Ban With Custom Window Stickers
The Satellite reported the Drop the Hood project may get a boost in retailer cooperation from the custom window stickers. 

Hedley Shepstone, senior constable for the Centenary Patrol Area Crime Prevention Unit in Ipswitch, told the news source the stickers give power back to retailers.

"If someone walks into their shop, they can point to the sign and tell them they need to drop their hood," Shepstone said. "This helps to make it safer for the shop keepers and console officers to get a clearer mug shot of the people for the police should they choose to steal within the shop or do a [gas] drive-off."