Use Custom Labels to Make Your Pool Party Unforgettable


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Use Custom Labels to Make Your Pool Party Unforgettable

Use Custom Labels to Make Your Pool Party Unforgettable. Jazz Up Your Party Planning With Custom Party Labels

During the long, hot months of summer, it can seem as if events like barbecues and poolside gatherings are a dime a dozen. When you're pool party planning, it may be hard to figure out ways to make your summer shindig stand out from the rest.

Are party favors on your list of party ideas? Favors are one small aspect that can have a surprisingly large impact on a gathering, especially when you incorporate the added pizzazz of customized party labels.

Stand Out Thanks to Unusual Party Ideas

Many people remember party favors from their childhoods, but there's no reason kids should have all the fun. Favors for adults compose a growing market, although these take-home items are still sufficiently unusual party ideas to be a trendy and pleasant surprise for event attendees. Here are just a few fun, quirky and useful favor ideas:

  • Go green: Flower seeds and miniature potted plants are a compact and colorful favor option. If the people on your guest list aren't terribly horticulturally skilled, cacti are a great, low-maintenance choice!
  • Make the write decision: Mini notebooks and journals can inspire even the least writing-inclined of partygoers. Cater to your guests' interests and needs with recipe books and gratitude journals, or keep things general with blank pages waiting to be filled with whatever recipients desire.
  • Give a sweet gift: There's no age limit on having a sweet tooth. Leave the grab-bag candy for kids' parties and refine your favors for adults by including macarons or home-baked cookies.
  • Light it up: Candles and sparklers are great ways to illuminate the summer night and keep the party going long after the sun begins to set.
  • Be practical: Party favors are usually take-home gifts, but there's no law against including items to use at the event itself. Outdoor gatherings during the summer months are characterized by high temperatures and bright sunlight, so sunglasses, fans, lip balm and mini bottles of sunscreen are sure to be a big hit.

Make A Memorable Impression With Waterproof Labels

To keep the memory of the day alive, you might want to consider affixing party favor bags or even the individual items inside with waterproof labels that include identifying information about your event (the name of your family, the date of your gathering and so on). What's more, personalizing labels and stickers with each recipient's name is a great way to avoid confusion and ensure nobody walks away with someone else's items - especially when different bags contain different things. Depending on the number of people on your guest list, the amount you're willing to spend and the time you have available, you can stick to a simple design or go more complex and ornate.

Regardless of the design decisions you make, one element is non-negotiable: The labels should be waterproof. Coolers, cold drinks, sprinklers, kiddie pools and their full-size equivalents are all great for staying hydrated and refreshed on hot, sunny days, but they can be kryptonite to carefully prepared custom labels and stickers.

Put it this way: When one of your guests pulls out the lip balm he or she got as a favor from your pool party weeks or even months after the fact, the label should be as vivid as the memories of the event. At Lightning Labels, we offer numerous label materials and several different laminate options to ensure your party favor labels keep looking as fresh and new as they did on your big day.

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