Father and Sons Create Custom Bumper Stickers for Teen Drivers


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Father and Sons Create Custom Bumper Stickers for Teen Drivers

Family Team Develops 'How's My Driving?' Custom Bumper Stickers

Parents continue to seek ways to monitor their children's driving habits, so a father and his sons created custom bumper stickers to do just that. According to the Manassas Park Patch, Robert Fabian and his adult sons established a website that parents can use to keep track of their teenagers' driving. The website corresponds with a bumper sticker that parents can stick to their child's car. The Manassas Park Patch reports the bumper sticker includes a code that other drivers can use to report through the site how the teenager is driving. The teen driving stickers are part of a two year monitoring service through the website.

Car Bumper Stickers Connect Parents With Young Drivers  Fabian hopes the car bumper stickers will bring the Manassas community together in watching out for teenagers while they are on the road without becoming a tattle-tale service.

"We want them to know that we're watching them," Fabian told the Manassas Park Patch. "It's one more precaution. It doesn't have to [be] bad, it can be good. It's nice to hear good things."

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