Meat Food Label Stickers Get Beefed-Up Names


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Meat Food Label Stickers Get Beefed-Up Names

American Meat Industry Changes Food Label Stickers 

The 40-year-old meat classification system has come under fire recently for its confusing food label stickers. The terms used within the traditional Uniform Retail Meat Identification Standards system had not been focused, but after two years of research, federal agriculture officials felt it was time to update the system. Federal officials conducted the research with the National Pork Board and the Beef Checkoff Program to identify which meat stickers could be revamped.

Which Custom Printed Food Labels Are Being Redone
Pork and beef are the first to get the refresh, with more than 350 cuts receiving simpler names and custom printed food labels that incorporate descriptions of where the meat originated and recommended cooking guidelines. The refurbished system classifications are aimed at being customer-friendly, and some food product labels might use the same terms across species. 

Bucky Gwartney, a federal marketing specialist, believes people might still be unclear as to what cuts to use for certain recipes, but he predicts the new program will cut much of the confusion surrounding naming.

"The intent certainly was not to confuse consumers, but there are some situations where that certainly could happen," Gwartney said in a recent interview with the Associated Press.