New Year, New Custom Labels


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New Year, New Custom Labels

New Year, New Custom Labels

The New Year Approaches

Starting fresh can go a long way in business when the new year arrives, and one of the more straightforward ways to do so is to launch a new packaging and product labeling strategy. Leaders should be asking themselves if their products need a new look for 2016 and, if the answer is yes, look into fresh materials, colors and design schemes for their labels. Although it might not seem like a lot, a novel brand management strategy can go a long way toward pushing revenues higher in the coming months.

This is not to say that the wheel should be entirely reinvented, as every brand needs to sustain some level of continuity over time, but rather that smaller changes can keep the company relevant and interesting among target markets. With the new year right around the corner, now would be a good time for enterprises to begin dreaming up fresh product packaging and labeling initiatives, working to ensure that their revenues hit the ground running in January.

The Benefits of Custom Labels

Custom stickers and labels will generally improve the image of products and brands in the marketplace, as so many consumer purchasing decisions are made in accordance with the aesthetic appeal of designs. When labels are black and white, and more standardized, the chances of separating the brand from others in the marketplace will be inherently lower, and this can be avoided through the use of customized and specialized labels.

These items should be at once consistent with the general brand image and somewhat outside the boundaries of normal marketing efforts. When labels strike this balance, they will help to make products pop off the shelves and gain the attention of customers, then ensure that the brand is recognized by the purchaser or prospect. Taking this a step further, the same custom labels do not need to be used throughout the year, as this can get mundane as well.

Rather, companies should consider aligning certain seasonal labels with big events that are sure to garner attention among consumers. For example, using new year's labels to wish customers well going into 2016 can make the brand a bit more personable and relevant.

2016 Labels

The economy has continued to improve for several years running, and companies stand to enjoy higher revenues and profit margins in 2016 thanks to increased consumer and corporate spending in the wake of the recovery. However, competition is also becoming a bit fiercer as time goes on, as improved conditions in various industries lead to increased saturation. This makes it more important than ever before to find unique marketing and brand strategies that differentiate one business from others.

By leveraging 2016 labels that will be placed on products toward the end of this year and in January, enterprises can achieve this goal more seamlessly. Working with a reliable provider such as Lightning Labels can ensure that the stickers, decals and other packaging items are crafted properly.

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