Pesticide Makers Need Warning Labels to Protect Consumers


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Pesticide Makers Need Warning Labels to Protect Consumers

Warning Labels Need to be Prominent on Pesticide Packaging
A new brand of pesticide containing a special ingredient is seeing consistent use as particular weeds develop resistance to traditional weed-killer products. However, unlike preceding pesticide formulas, weed-killer that uses this new ingredient - called paraquat - is actually toxic to humans as well. If businesses in the landscaping business begin using this new formula, careless employees may accidentally wind up ingesting lethal doses of the chemical.

As Montana State University noted, just a single teaspoon of pesticide with paraquat is enough to kill the average person. The school's pesticide education specialist Cecil Tharp encourages all applicators to wear protective apparel when using weed-killer with paraquat and to take precautions such as washing body parts before physically touching areas such as the eyes or mouth.

Product Labels Play a Special Role in Consumer Protection
Manufacturers of pesticides need to ensure use instructions are shown prominently on product labels, as well as the dangers of misusing them. If people are not aware how harmful weed-killer can be to their health, they may be lackadaisical when handling of these dangerous chemicals.