Solar Power Labels and Stickers in the News


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Solar Power Labels and Stickers in the News

Revolutionary Peelable Solar Labels and Stickers Developed

Most of the time, when one thinks of solar power, the first things that come to mind are large panel installations across the roofs of residences and offices, not labels and stickers. Yet consumers may need to change their definition of solar power products after newly engineered peel-and-stick solar labels were recently introduced after years of research.

As profiled in Southern California news outlet KCET, work on a project undertaken by researchers from Stanford and a Korean university resulted in the world's first peelable solar stickers, which can be affixed to common surfaces like plastic, glass and paper.

Certification Agency Warns of Faked Custom Product Labels As reported by Solar Industry Magazine, Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a third-party certification organization that issues custom product labels for technology that passes its safety test, warned consumers and authorities that solar power modules sold in the United States and Canada may have a fraudulent UL label.

UL said the product may bear an official-looking label that relays the product has been tested up to standards, yet the organization contends a number of modules from Advanced Solar Photonics did not actually undergo testing. UL advised that the products be avoided because their safety is unknown.