What Online Sellers can Learn From eBay's Packaging Strategy


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What Online Sellers can Learn From eBay's New Packaging Strategy

Packaging and labeling strategies adopted by Internet seller giants.Personalized Product Labeling and Packaging Enhances Brand Identity

Just about anyone can sell online nowadays and the internet has essentially leveled the playing field. But the ones that are most likely to succeed are those who are able to effectively navigate the increasingly crowded digital environment and implement strategies for standing out among competitors and appealing to their target audiences. The ways in which organizations and individuals market themselves are critical, especially today when thousands of other websites and options, if not more, are just a click away.

Every aspect of a business must operate in a way that is authentic and representative of the brand's identity, and that includes the packaging and shipping components.

This week, e-commerce giant eBay Inc. announced that it will soon open a shipping supplies store that will make it possible for just about anyone to purchase its branded boxes and packaging materials. In its statement, eBay said that many sellers have asked the company to launch a platform that would allow them to purchase shipping products and supplies in a way that is more convenient and affordable than existing alternatives. So, the brand complied. It was also revealed that included in the range of items that will be available for purchase, such as mailers and high quality tape, are 10 different sizes of boxes, all of which will be recyclable.

Developing packaging and shipping products that are labeled with the brand's name is a strategy that leading online seller Amazon Inc. has already implemented. And, given the success of these two companies, it likely won't be long before more e-commerce businesses follow suit.

Although not all organizations may have the resources or spend to launch their own supply stores, there is a valuable lesson that businesses and sellers of all levels and size can take away from this strategy. Establishing personalized shipping supplies highlights one of the many reasons why online companies should be selective and strategic in their approach to the packaging and labeling of products

Eco-Friendly Packages Appeal to Consumers It is important to remember that it is not just the actual goods being sold that can influence the purchasing behavior of consumers or help grow revenue. Customized packaging and labeling can result in more brand exposure and also give sellers more credibility. Whether it is a large company or one-person shop, mailing items in packages that are made from high-quality materials and labeled with the organization's brand name and/or logo enhances the legitimacy of the business's image.

Another takeaway from eBay's latest packaging strategy concerns its decision to use eco-friendly materials. Packaging World recently reported that using environmentally responsible packages is one of the biggest trends emerging in the industry. More people are choosing to do business with companies that have "green" practices. In fact, according to the source, 63 percent of shoppers in the United States have agreed "that reusable and repurposable packaging is a key purchasing driver."

Regardless of the industry or the kind of products being sold, it is important that online sellers make sure they are taking advantage of every opportunity, at every level, to stand apart from competitors and position themselves as credible and quality businesses. And one of the best ways to do this is through products' packaging and labeling.