Square Bakery Labels

Sweeten up your brand marketing with square bakery labels that give customers a taste of what’s inside your product packaging. With state-of-the-art digital printing and so many label material and laminate options, Lightning Labels’ square baked goods labels will give your custom packaging the professional touch it needs to stand out in the sweets market.


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Square Bakery Labels Sweeten Up Your Product Packaging

Whether you own a small bakery or distribute pastries on a large scale, our square baked goods labels can help you make a personalized statement and highlight the uniqueness of your product. When pulled out of the oven, your fresh baked goods can speak for themselves. But on store shelves, professional square bakery labels with your custom design ensure they carry your mark of quality. In fact, if you want to communicate the freshness and great taste of your baked goods, a quality square bakery label is a must.

Custom square bakery labels can be used to display your bakery's name and logo, descriptive product and ingredient information on a cookie container - as well as add a burst of personality to your packaging. When you design your own labels, you can make them look exactly as you want. Lightning Labels will print your design on square bakery labels of virtually any size of your choice to ensure you get the look you envision. Unique square baked goods labels can encourage customers to try a new cupcake, doughnut or bagel they see in a bakery or local shop, or help put a new face on an existing brand.

Choose From a Variety of Materials and Laminates for Custom Square Bakery Labels

Lightning Labels offers a wide selection of materials for custom square bakery labels, including environmentally friendly labels, like our EarthFirst PLA, and various types of BOPP. Lightning Labels also offers an extensive variety of laminates for square baked goods labels, including our high-gloss laminate, matte and many others. Advanced digital printing processes ensure you get your labels as quickly as possible with a high degree of customization for eye-catching designs. Additionally, our digital processes offer more choices for personalization with variable printing, which is ideal for printing batch numbers and other important information on custom square bakery labels.

Lightning Labels combines state-of-the-art digital printing technology with a variety of label materials for every purpose to create the perfect custom square bakery label. Our fully digital printing process allows us the flexibility to print multiple designs on the same label material at no extra cost. It also means no set-up fees, no plate fees, no added fees for unlimited color, minimum quantities as low as 50 units, and a lightning fast 48-72 hour turnaround time after press approval. To top it off, we offer free ground shipping in the US and Canada on regular priced orders. Each customer also gets personalized customer service with a dedicated, human representative assigned to each account. If you're not satisfied, then we haven't done our job –and that's why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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