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Large percentage of wine shoppers base purchasing decision on wine labels

Looking for high-quality wine labels? There is probably no product where the label is more important than on a bottle of wine. A large percentage of wine shoppers base their decision on whether to buy a particular wine by perusing the wine labels. A wine label has to be eye-catching as well as informative, giving all the essential product information in a pleasing format that can be absorbed with just a glance. You have just seconds to grab the consumers attention with your wine label so they will choose your wine over the large number of other choices.

One of the benefits of digital label printing is that now even small boutique wineries can get professional wine labels in small quantities without paying exorbitant prices. And you don’t have to compromise on quality. Custom wine labels printed by Lightning Labels are printed in high resolution and in vibrant colors. The quality is amazing: you won't believe how good your wine labels will look.

We can print a range of different finishes for wine labels. You can request a high gloss finish product, a matte finish product, or we can print your wine labels on an old-style textured paper. We can also print separate back labels or print one large wraparound label. There is no longer any reason to compromise on your wine labels; Lightning Labels will allow you to produce high quality wine labels that will be able to compete with even the largest wineries.

You can see the quality of our wine labels for yourself by requesting some samples.

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